It’s with great regret that I wrote this notice. But since the New Year has started, I have come to the realization that I want to Venture more into creativity within my writing. So, I am sorry to inform that Grapes & Wine Blog will be permanently shutting down. Thanks for understanding


Grapes & Blog will be returning next week. Had some personal family issues that had to take a front seat for a while. But I am about doing what I love drinking and sampling great wine. So, Seat Back & Grab A Glass!!!

Weekly Wine Tips

Your weekly wine tip When swirling, the aromas concentrate in the glass above the surface of the wine. Thats maximum amount of aromas will be revealed, so you can smell the subtle nuances and fragrances. CHEERS WINE LOVERS

Lets Start Christmas Early !!

This blog post goes to all the lovers of the second-best time of year. Can you guest what that might be if you guested Christmas then you were right. As I am posting this Its currently mine and my newlyweds’ husbands 13-month Anniversary. So how are we spending our day of love by decorating our…


Yes, that’s right its finally the Fall season even thought its never really Fall here in Florida. But a woman can dream right. What does this mean for all my wine lovers well its time to take all those full-bodied red wines. Laying by a roaring bonfire with that special someone on those chilly fall…

National Red Wine Day 5 Red Wine Facts

National Red Wine Day is Tuesday, August 28th– not that Americans need an extra incentive to uncork a bottle and unwind at the end of a long day. The Wine Institute estimates Americans drink nearly a billion gallons of wine per year. That’s just shy of three gallons per person. And red wine continues to…


Grapes & Wine Blog Will return soon after this I take a spiritual vacation !!!  

Guide to Choosing Wine at a Restaurant

Choosing wine can be highly intimidating, especially when you’re going through a complicated menu full of words that you can’t pronounce let alone understand. Raise your glass if you’ve ever ordered something randomly out of being under pressure and because you didn’t want to keep the whole table waiting. To put an end to your…


Let the games begin. Rosés season is here and sales of rose has gone up by 53% last year and there doesn’t seem to be signs of a slowing down. Why? It’s light, refreshing, uncomplicated and perfect for summer sipping. So grab a glass and enjoy some summer water.


Are you ready to venture into the darker side of wine? If that is a yes, then I have a treat for you. Today I am reviewing two great red wines from Gnarly Head Wines. If you have been a fan of my blog for a while you have seen me review these wines around…


Are you a fan of fresh fruit that pairs perfectly with wine? Well then you are in for a treat today, because I am featuring Sangria. Yes, that’s right, my husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy three different sangrias. We popped them open by the pool. Is there any better location to enjoy this…

Gardening & Wine

You probably realize that I’ve been MIA recently I apologize undergoing some family medical issues but I will be up and running soon. Some new changes are coming to the blog, I will give you one hint it has to do with planting your own herb garden at home and wine.   So grab a…