Has there ever been a wine that you have always wanted to try? Well today I am bringing you three wines that I have been waiting to try for years. There is a funny story behind these wines. When I used to write my books at my favorite Starbucks they had a window facing the street. I would always see a billboard with the Voga Wine photo on it. Every time I would see this van with the billboard I would say that I would love to review those wines. Another reason I wanted them is that these bottles of wines are so pretty. You know me, I am a sucker for a pretty wine bottle.


Direct from Italy, the epicenter of style, VOGA Italia is a revolution in wine! Boldly innovative, elegantly unapologetic and tastefully confident, VOGA Italia is a contemporary wine concept for the modern consumer. The chic cylinders, curvaceous bottles and innovative closures command attention,but it’s the award-winning wines inside that are the real stand-outs. Rich in flavor and full of character, the VOGA collection is styled to deliver the taste profiles most desired by todays wine drinkers. Red or white, still or sparkling, dry or sweet, each wine is a triumphant expression of its famed terroir.


The award winning wines of VOGA Italia are served in the trendiest bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants in more than 70 countries worldwide, making VOGA Italia how modern wine consumers everywhere drink in style.



First on the list is a wine that brings the word beauty to a whole new level.  wine isn’t just a great wine, it has a beautiful bottle as well. This Pinot Grigio Moscato is the perfect wine during a nice girls day at home. With its flavors of red berry and peach and strawberries. I would pair it with a fruit salad with a nice lemon dressing.


Second on the list is VOGA ITALIA PROSECCO.  If you are looking for a wine to enjoy during day or night, then this wine is for you. With its subtle bubblies and flavors It is perfect during these hot summer months. With flavors of ripe apricot peach and vanilla, food I would pair with this wine would be an antipasto platter.


Third on the list is VOGA ITALIA SPARLKING ROSE OF PINOT GRIGIO. This wine is for all the sparkling wine lovers like me. I have to say when I got this wine it was meant to be shared with my husband, but when I tasted it, it was hard to share. The flavor profile is ripe apple pear and lemongrass. Food I would pair with  This wine would be seafood or a light cheese dish.




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