Are you a fan of country music? Well then this blog post is for you. Did you know that Zack Alexander Brown from The Zack Brown has come out with his own wine? It not only pairs with a at home concert night but wines that taste like they cost a million bucks. Today I am bring them to your home for a concert in your very own home.


Zac Brown has always been a creator, and learned the importance of devoting himself to his craft early in life. He applies that passion for quality not only to his music, but to all the creative endeavors he undertakes. Zac’s drive to find inspiration in our world is second only to his desire to share it with others.When he and winemaker John Killebrew met, they instantly recognized in each other a common passion for creating unique experiences that reflect quality and originality. Their collaboration is Z. Alexander Brown; big, bold wines of uncommon finesse and character.


John Killebrew, who grew up in California, developed a love for nature, gardening, cooking, and music at an early age. Though he and Zac grewup on opposite ends of the country, distance did not stop them from sharing a common passion and respect for the land. As a winemaker, John can tap into his desire to make things with his own hands, stay immersed in nature, and find each season’s expression through the vines. Z. Alexander Brown is the reward of this relentless commitment and partnership with Zac Brown to create bold “uncaged” wines rooted in the heart of California wine country.

“Wine has always been important to me because it brings people together and
Connects them with the bounty of the land. I’ve always believed in putting every-
Thing you have into what you create. When you make something you are proud
Of, there is a special reward in being able to share it with family and friends.”
— Zac



First on the list should not come as a surprise but it’s an Uncaged Chardonnay 2016 Santa Lucia Highlands. You all know that’s my all-time favorite wine to drink. Besides champagne this one is what a true chardonnay should taste like, with its golden color and taste profile. You will fall in love with this wine. With flavors of toasty vanilla and oak with a hint of grilled pineapple. Food I would pair with this wine would be veggie pasta salad with lemon dressing.



Second on the list is a bold Uncaged Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – California. If you are a fan of red wine that packs a punch, then this wine is for you. I will say when I get the urge to enjoya red I always go for Cabernet for its big bold flavor profile such as this one, mainly because the profile is black cherry and milk chocolate with a hint of oak. Food paring is easy with this one even though I don’t eat meat I would suggest a big steak. Is there anything else to pair with a red wine?


Third on the list is a subtler red wine for the red wine lovers that like to relax with a nice glass. If you are a fan of Uncaged Pinot Noir 2015 – Monterey, Napa, Sonoma you will enjoy this one on a date night or home movie night. With flavor of rich ripe fruit and bold mouth-watering oak with a hint of blue raspberry. There is one dish I would pair with this wine. It is a hearty serving of spaghetti carbonara.


Last on the list is a power house of a red wine it is Uncaged Proprietary Red Blend 2015 North Coast. This wine is for a cold night by the fire with the special someone enjoying a nice BBQ outdoors. The flavors of this wine are dark ripe cherry, dry sweet toffee and milk chocolate. Food pairings are roasted duck breast with pecan purée.



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