Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to show your love how much you care. Fortunately for us wine lovers, that’s easy. How shall I tell you I love you with wine? Let us count the ways ….


Take a wine country trip for two – If you’re close to wine country, this could be just a one or two day excursion behind the cellar doors. Customize the trip to match your sweetheart’s wine preferences. They love Cab? Take them to the top producer.

Are they crazy for Pinot Noir? Pick out the three best producers in the region and set up private tastings. If your love has always wanted to make wine, sign up for a blending session offered by some wineries. What fascinates them most–vineyard or cellar? Plan ahead for the
best tours.Your trip will be solid gold if you can weave in his or her other interests as well. Car buff? It’s Lewis Cellars or Andretti Winery in Napa. Horse crazy? Happy Canyon Vineyards or Bridlewood in Santa Barbara. Star struck? Celebrity wineries like Coppola in Sonoma, Fergalicious and Fess Parker in Santa Barbara.

Give a fun stopper. Customized, double-sided wine stoppers can say “I love you!” with a photo on one side and your message on the other, or many other combinations. There are stoppers with hearts, animals, bright colors, fruits — whatever fits their fancy. Or, present them with one of those super stoppers that block any air whatsoever.

Track down your Valentine’s FAVORITE WINE OF ALL TIME — and give a case. (Or a bottle, depending on how expensive it is!)

Create an At Home Wine ‘n Love Evening: Choose your love’s favorite wine, and create (or have catered!) the perfect meal to pair with at home. Then, have a romantic wine-themed video ready to go, like French Kiss (romantic comedy) or Sideways (screwball romantic) or any that you think would fit your Valentine’s preferences. And of course, serve up your chosen’s favorite dessert with the perfect bottle.

Wine and love go together, just like you and your sweetheart. Warm, happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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