I thought I would start the New Year with a blog post just for us ladies. I mean us woman who enjoy a nice glass of wine more than men do, right? Yep, I thought so. So sit back, relax and grab a glass or two and enjoy today’s blog post. I have reviewed this wine before Belle Ambiance wine is affordable luxury. Now why would I say this, the answer is simple. When you pop open the cork of this wine you feel like you’re transported to a nice spa. Hey, don’t take my word for it try for yourself. When I open this wine I feel ????
Belle Ambiance, which in French means ‘beautiful atmosphere,’ is inspired by a true place of natural beauty, nestled in our family vineyards. During our 80+ years of wine-making in California, we’ve enjoyed many perfect moments under the shade of its ancient oak tree. It’s the ideal place to relax, watch the sun set and bask in the beauty with friends and a delicious glass of Belle Ambiance wine.



The first wine on the list is Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio the perfect wine in my option to enjoy outdoors on a hot summer day. When the weather is hot this wine will be sure to cool you down. Fruit for the Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio was harvested in the cool hours of the night, delivered to the winery and then immediately pressed into fermenters. A slow, low-temperature fermentation on very low grape solids and aging that took place entirely in stainless steel allowed the vintner to capture all the delicate fruit and floral aromas. Flavors of this wine are lemon blossom, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Food I would pair would be a light vegetable pasta salad with a lemon glaze.


Second on the list is yep you guessed it, Belle Ambiance Chardonnay. Now you all know by now that this type of wine is my all-time favorite. Due to its buttery taste and even golden color, there could not be a better drink that’s gold, right? Grapes were gently harvested at night, to allow the citrus and tropical flavors to shine and to retain the fruit’s natural acidity. The family uses the technique of cold-settling the juice and racked it just prior to fermentation. Half the wine is left in the stainless-steel tanks to preserve the wine’s bright acidity and delicate aromas, while the remaining portion undergoes a secondary malolactic fermentation before aging in French oak to add depth and complexity. Flavors of this wine are citrus, ripe melon and hints of toasty oak with a hint of graham cracker. Try pairing this wine with a creamy pasta topped infused with seafood.


Third on the list is for my red wine lovers, is Belle Ambiance Dark Red Wine Blend. I won’t say myself that I don’t like red wine because I do, it just depends on my mood. But this wine I did indeed love. If you enjoy a deeply flavorful wine, then this one is for you. Belle Ambiance Dark Red Wine Blend is a powerhouse of flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, caramel and cocoa with a subtle hint of vanilla. There is only one way to enjoy this wine in my opinion around a campfire on a chilly night this wine will keep you warm. Food I would pair with this wine would be risotto and grilled vegetables.


Fourth on the list is Belle Ambiance Pinot Noir this wine is perfect for those who love a good red but not as much kick with the flavors. I do enjoy a nice glass of Pinot Noir when I am having a lighter dinner the wine doesn’t over take the flavors of my meal. The grapes for Belle Ambiance Pinot Noir were picked during the cool, early morning hours, the optimal time for harvesting this delicate varietal. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes were gently de-stemmed and eased into a 48-hour cold soak to enhance the vibrant cherry flavors and beautiful crimson color. Following a slow fermentation in small lot tanks, the wine was delicately pressed and racked into stainless and French oak for aging. Flavors of this wine are toasty oak cocoa cherry and ripe plum. Food I would pair with this wine would be vegetarian pizza or pulled pork sliders.


Last on the list is Belle Ambiance Cabernet Sauvignon why did I leave this wine for last well it’s my go to red wine when I am writing a dark chapter in my book or it’s a cold night outside I always go for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Or maybe the reason I love it so much is because my dad always picks this wine when his in the mood for a good red. The 2014 vintage was ideal for producing exceptional, elegant wines. From bud break through berry set, the season progressed slowly to create fruit that was packed with brilliant, concentrated flavors. We picked the grapes for this wine at night when the temperature was cool then slowly warmed the juice to fermentation temperatures. One hundred percent of this Cabernet Sauvignon underwent secondary malolactic fermentation before we aged it in a combination of French and American oak. Flavors of this wine are black cherries and blackberries and cracked peppercorn. Food I would pair are cheese, roast beef or a hearty red-sauce pasta.



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