It should come to no shock that I love to write, whether it be here on my wine blog, or doing what I love most… writing my own novels. Today I am bringing you a wine and book pairing that is a little different than what I am used to writing. The book is written by my friend and fellow author Jennifer Prost. “WRITE NAKED” is an author’s guide to writing romance.


Regardless of the genre, every novelist faces a difficult task. Creating authentic characters and an engaging plot are challenging enough. but attempting to break into the hotter-than-ever romance genre, which is constantly flooded with new titles and fresh faces? It can feel impossible. To survive—and thrive—you need the help and wisdom of an expert. New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Probst reveals her pathway to success, from struggling as a new writer to signing a seven-figure deal. Write Naked intermingles personal essays on craft with down-to-earth advice on writing romance in the digital age. Probst will teach you how.


What I have learned with knowing a lot of different writers is that they all are willing to help each other. So if you yourself need help with your own writing grab a glass and get ready to write naked. Now I am going to be complexly honest here for a minute. When it comes to my writing I love writing darker scenes such as fights, killings and violence, not really romance. But Jennifer’s book really helped me venture into the world of sweet scenes or the scenes that used to scare me, like sex scenes. Thanks to “WRITE NAKED,” those scenes no longer freak me out.



The wine that was sent to me to sample was GEMMA DI LUNA, a refreshing sparklingMoscato from Italy. Now normally I am not a huge fan of sweet wines but this one surprised me. Now the reason I picked this wine for this pairing is because of the color. Yes, it matches perfectly with the book cover. But also I can’t think of anything more relaxing than laying outdoors with a glass of cold bubbly Moscato and a good book. The flavors of this wine are green apple, peach and lemon with a hint of leech. Food I would pair with this wine would be a nice pasta salad with a lemon and mint vinaigrette.




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