What is better than enjoying a glass of wine? Well, I have one reason why wine is better. It will make you smile. Yes today I am parenting up with Lindeman’s Wines to bring you a blog post that will for sure make you smile.



 One of the reasons why I love Lindeman’s wines so much is because they are all very affordable and another other reason is that they taste amazing. I have enjoyedthe first collection, the Bin Series. So when I was contacted to sample their new Smile Collection, I was more than happy to, and to give you a little history.


In every bottle of Lindeman’s wine you will find the spirit of their founder, Dr. Henry Lindeman. From humble beginnings in the Hunter Valley in 1843, Dr. Lindeman laid a strong foundation for what has become one of the world’s most popular wines. The first Lindeman’s wine to venture overseas was in 1858, when Lindeman’s Cawarra Claret was exported to the United Kingdom. By 1862, Lindeman’s wines were being exhibited widely around the world and Lindeman’s Cawarra gained international recognition at the International Exhibition, London.


The accolades and awards continued to follow and over the next 100 years, Lindeman’s global footprint grew significantly.It was in the 1980s that Lindeman’s most well-known wine was created. Lindeman’s iconic Bin 65 Chardonnay was launched in Canada in 1985 in response to the popularity of Lindeman’s approachable and fruit-driven style of wines in the northern hemisphere. Following its success in Canada and the United States, it was then “brought home” to Australia in 1991. It captured the world’s adoration of Australian wine and propelled the popularity of Lindeman’s on an international scale. The Bin Series has since grown to incorporate 18 popular varieties. Today, Lindeman’s is enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world. They are proud to draw on 170+ years of continued wine making and entrepreneurship to craft popular wine styles that people simply love to drink.



Today I am bringing you three wines; two whites and one red. So sit back relax and grab a glass. First on the list is a big bold Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are a true red wine lover then you will enjoy this wine. With its bold body and strong flavor profile it will sure awaken your inter meat eater. With flavors of cherry dark berry flesh and tobacco with a hit of oak. Now when it comes to food there is really only one pick; meat.


Second on the list is a wine that pretty much sums up summer. It’s BIN 85 Pinot Grigio. I don’t really need to explain why I picked this wine for summer now do I? With its refreshing finish and tropical favors this wine will transport you to the islands. With flavors of pineapple and mango flavors and green apple this wine will cool you off during those hot summer days. For food pairings try a nice pasta salad with a lime dressing.


Third on the list has to come as no shock, but it’s a Chardonnay. Now you should know that this is always my go to wine to enjoy. Lindeman’s Chardonnay does not disappoint. With its creamy buttery body and crisp flavors, its perfect for those spring afternoons. The flavors are one of the reasons why I love this wine so much. It might come as a shock but this wine has a toasty flavor profile. With peach, fig, rock melon and toasty oak with a hint of vanilla pairs perfect with food such as grilled chicken with lemon and rosemary glaze.




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