I am bring you a book review from one of my favorite’s authors, Emma Chase. She has done it again with her new two book series “Royally Matched.” If you remember that I reviewed book one called “Royally Screwed”, then this book is about the party boy, and younger brother, Henry.

ROYALLY-MATCHEDRoyally Matched is the story of Henry the Prince, next in line to the throne. Henry’s brother abdicated the throne for the woman he loves, and Henry has now been thrust into a role he is unprepared for and never thought he would have. With the new responsibility on his shoulders, Henry agrees to a bachelor type TV show where he is to look for the love of his life. Sarah is a young librarian, technically a Lady by name. When her family is approached to be a part of the TV series, her sister jumps at it and Sarah joins in to get out of a work obligation.But Sarah doesn’t want to participate in the game and comes as her sister’s assistant.“If nightmares can come true, and sometimes they do…. then so can our happiest dreams.” Henry and Sarah become friends while filming and get to know each other. As time goes by feelings begin to develop on both sides. But Sarah is unsure of herself and of Henry, and Henry has his own issues and obligations holding him back.


I think Emma Chase writes some of the best escapist romance out there. Normally a royal romancewith sweet moments wouldn’t be my thing, but I loved every second of this novel. Chase is able to deliver a sweet and heartfelt romance and at the same time can be cheeky and poke fun at the real world. I was able to devour this book fairly quickly, it’s a fun and lighthearted read. Sarah as a heroine was so cute and enchanting. I love it when the girl who is normally overlooked gets noticed by the hero. There was a lot more to Henry than he let others see, and Sarah was very perceptive at reading him. Yeah sometimes he messed things up, like a true


Chase hero, but ultimately he got his shit together and was able to pull it off.“I’ve never had someone who was just mine, body and soul-mine to protect and hold and love. And that’s what Sarah is… she belongs to me now. We belong to each other.”If you’re looking for that perfect book to snuggle up to on a lazy Sunday, this is the book for you. Emma Chase is a constant delight and I cannot wait to read more books written by her.



When it came to picking a wine for this blog post I wanted to go on the elegant side since this book deals with a prince. So I picked   Rose. The name matches Prince Henry so well. The name is “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.” I mean, could the name not be more perfect? Henry is not really an open book so that is why I picked up this wine. The flavors are fresh fruit and strawberry with a hint of pineapple. With its light, shiny salmon-pink it pairs well with royalty. Food I would pair with this wine would be salad, grilled dishes and spicy shellfish, or as an aperitif.





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