Are you a lover of sexy man covered in tattoos that have a bit of a bad boy image and motorcycles? Well if that’s what you like then I have a book that you’re going to thoroughly enjoyed. Monica Robinson has become one of my favorite authors even though every time I pick up her books. I know I’m going to have my heart ripped out of my chest but her writing is incredible and her stories pull on your heartstrings.


Mia she is sheltered all of her life, but that has not suffocated her spirit, in the slightest. Her tenacity when she wants something, is not hindered by the fact that she is often told she cannot do it, or that she is a girl and that is not the appropriate way to behave. In spite of the way she was protected and stopped from experiencing a lot of what kids her age were experiencing, her strength of character, and her amazing personality would get her through almost any difficult situation. She sets her heart on Creed from the very first moment she sees him. She does not even consider the age difference, or the fact that their upbringings could not be more different., That did not deter her. I just fell in love with her great outlook on life, her belief in herself, her never give up attitude, and her courage to stand up and go after what she desires most. Her honesty was so compelling to read. It was so refreshing to get to know her and travel the journey she took int adulthood. She was as real as any character could get, and not many authors can pull off such a real portrayal of the perfect heroine. Her imperfections is what made her so endearing to me. Her father needed to be throat pouched at times, though.


Now Creed. He is the stereotypical biker. He had the weight of the world on his young shoulders, and not many people would come through to adulthood without the scars he carries. He tries everything g in his power to dissuade Mia. At first, she is the breath of fresh air his black hearten soul needs. She is the light in his dark and dangerous world. But he does not have stars in his eyes, and grows more bitter and closed off, the older he gets. He is another of M’s characters that don’t believe they have the right to happiness, so they are on a path of just not caring if they live to see another day. He cares about those he loves with a relentless loyalty. He just does not see a life filled with joy, laughter with a family of his own in his future. He is resigned to spending his life alone. I felt like I was holding my breath waiting for Mia and Creed’s story. My wait is over, and it was more than worth it. I felt so many different emotions while reading Road to Nowhere. I laughed hysterically, I cried uncontrollably, I worried incessantly, I wondered excessively. I was so drawn to these characters and their story, I did not want it to end. I could not bear to say goodbye. I came to the end too quickly, only to hit a brick wall. The ending was so unexpected, I felt it like a physical blow. The cliffhanger of all cliffhang


When it came time to find a wine to pair with this book I knew it had to be a big bold red wine. Because let’s face it, after reading this book you will need wine to soften the blow So I picked Apothic Red mainly because being an MC book there is a lot of blood. So if you are looking for a great read that will leave you speechless at the end and a good tasting red wine, then this match is perfect, with flavors of rich cherry, toasty vanilla, and spicy oak.


                                ARE YOU READY TO VENTURE INTO THE MC WORLD?


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