Are you looking to change up the wines you enjoy during the holiday season? Well today I have some very special wines to bring you, all the way from South Africa. Yes, you get to enjoy wines from a different country without needing your passport. I have reviewed Boschendal Winery before and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I have always wanted to try wines from Africa and I for sure I got my wish.


So sit back, grab a glass, and enjoy!

Working with nature, producing real food, and a simple farm lifestyle is at the heart of one of the oldest farms in South Africa. Founded in 1685, the farm has grown with the passing centuries into a cherished source of wholesome produce, great wines and happy memories.


Now Onto The Wine

First on the list is 2015 The Rose Garden Rosé. If you are a lover of Rose then this wine is for you. I have to say when I tried it I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy during a hot spring day outdoors. With flavors of ripe strawberries, raspberries and mulberries with a hint of vanilla. This blend of Merlot and Pinotage pairs perfectly with food such as mild cheeses, fresh fruit, or freshly baked rhubarb pie.


Second on the list is none other than Boschendal 2015 Chardonnay. Now this wine I have tried before and I loved it. It’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you bring it to a holiday party or enjoying it outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a smooth refreshing Chardonnay. With flavors of cinnamon nutmeg fresh fruit, food I would pair would be pork chops, cream sauce pastas, and cheeses.


Third on the list is a wine that is perfect for those holiday parties you areattending. I mean who doesn’t love a sparkling wine right? Boschendal Cap Classique Brut is a sparkling wine like you have never tried before. Blendedwith 51% Chardonnay and 49% Pinot Noir the flavor profile of this wine might surprise you. With lemon cream, almond biscotti and zesty lemon and orange peel. When it comes to food I would pair this sparkling wine with tangy cheeses, fresh fruit.


Fourth on the list is a sparkling wine for all my Rose lovers. If you are a fan of wine with bubbles and the color pink then I have the right one for you. Boschendal Cap Classique – Brut Rosé is the perfect wine to enjoy over a girls day. I mean what woman doesn’t love todrink wine with the color pink? This blend of 30% Pinotage, 20% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir is sure to wake up your taste buds. With flavors of caramel passion fruit and melon with a hint of butterscotch. Food pairing would be seafood, summer salads and chicken dishes.


Last on the list is by far the best not just because it has a pretty label but because, well this wine just rocks! Boschendal 2015 Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Blend is new to the family. This delicateblend is the wine for summer. If you’re looking for a wine to put in your ice bucket for after-noon by the pool, then look no further. With flavors of strawberry preserve, ripe red berries and rich cherries. When it comes to food there are too many to pick so I’ll leave the pairing to you.




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