Do you enjoy trying wines from around the world? Well today I am bringing you some wines that I guess you have never tried before. They are from South Africa. It had always been a dream of mine to taste wine from this region. I am now happy to say that I have fallen in love with wines from South Africa. These wines that I am bringing you today are from Bellingham Winery in Franschhoek Valley, South Africa.


“The story of Bellingham is a tale of courage, determination and unwavering dedication to the land and vines. It is an odyssey richly coloured by the labours of passionate vintners, both past and present.”Originally known as Bellinchamp (which translates to “pretty fields”), Bellingham traces its roots to 1693 when Hollander Gerrit Janz van Vuuren, and his French Huguenot wife, planted the first 1000 vines on the estate.


It then passed from family to family until 1943, when Bernard and Fredagh Podlashuk purchased the somewhat derelict farm, set about restoring the manor house, gardens and vineyards and effectively pioneered the modern Renaissance of the Estate. I have five wines to show you today. Three reds and two whites. So are you ready to travel all the way to South Africa?

First on the list is a wine that I enjoyed last night. It is Pinopasso from Italy and South Africa. I mean you can’t go wrong with a wine that comes from two amazing wine regions now can you? With this wine being 100% Pinotage, the flavor profile is smooth but strong. With flavors of dark cherry and hints of eucalyptus with a hint of pepper. Food I would pair with this wine would be mushroom risotto or grilled chicken with BBQ sauce.


Second on the list is 1685 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon. Now this wine I loved but what shocked me was how much I enjoyed it. I am not a big fan of Shiraz, but this combo together makes for a great drinking wine. With flavors of ripe plum and warm spices with a hint of tobacco. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy during those cold fall months. Food I would pair with this wine would be braised short ribs and lamb.


Third on the list a 2015 Chardonnay. Yep, my favorite type of wine to enjoy during both the hot summer and cold fall months. This wine I enjoyed with some pasta I made up that night with Fettuccine Alfredo sauce. That is the dish I would pair with this wine. The flavor profile is a powerhouse with lemony, cinnamon and nutmeg with a hint of green apple and cinnamon. So if you are a lover of Chardonnay like I am, you will love this wine.


Fourth on the list is another white wine, 2015 Chenin Blanc. I have tried this type of wine before and really enjoyed it. The flavors of will open up your taste buds to a whole other level with honey, marmalade and peaches with a hint of lime. Whether you pair this wine would seafood or chicken dishes, you can’t go wrong.


Last, but not least, is a wine that I never even heard of before. After some research I learned that this wine is handpicked and sorted in open top, stainless steel tanks. The name is Braai Pinotage and it is truly South Africa. Flavors of this wine are black currents spiced tobacco and plums with a hint of cherry. Food I would pair with this wine would be grilled meats.




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