Last night I was thinking what would be a fun blog post for Halloween? I am very happy to tell you all that I am bringing you a fun post for the candy and wine lovers out there. Have you ever wondered what type of wine to pair with all the Halloween candy your kids collect? Well, today I am going to tell you just that. So grab a glass and get ready to have a sugar rush.

Halloween pumpkin lantern.

Now some of these pairings might surprise you. I know I was shocked at some myself. First on the list is the candy that everyone loves during October…Candy Corn! because this candy is so sweet and filled with sugar. That one you would pair with a sweet wine like Moscato or Riesling, right? Wrong! The wine you need to grab is MERLOT, mainly because of its strong body and strong flavor profile.


Second on the list is marshmallows. Now here is another pairing that shocked me when I looked up what type of wine you would pair with it. Want to take a guess? It’s none other than PINOT NOIR.I myself do love a good bold glass of Pinot. I can understand pairing Marshmallows with this wine because with its subtle body and easy drinking, it will cut the sweetness of the candy itself.


Third on the list is a favorite of mine because I am a chocoholic.There are two things you could put in front of me that won’t last…wine and chocolates. This pairing is match made in heaven for me.You will have your mind blown when you hear what the wine pairing is for this wine. It is BUBBLY MOSCATO. I know, totally crazy that a strong Candy Bar would be matched with a sweet bubbly drink, but it’s true.


Fourth on the list is a red wine that I have to say is not my favorite to enjoy. It’s Zinfandel. As I’m writing this I am shaking my head because the candy pairing is Caramel Apples and again this food group is also not my favorite to enjoy either. Why you may ask? Well I’m not too into sweets and for me caramel is way too sweet. But if you do love these two pairings enjoy them, just don’t offer me any.


Fifth on the list is a candy that I would for sure enjoy… Gummy Bears. I have good memories enjoying these candies as a kid. The wine that pairs with this candy is Red Moscato. I know why you would pair a wine like this with candy. The hardy flavors and body of a red Moscato help with the sweetness of the Gummy Bears. There is an unwritten rule that if you pair sweet flavored candy with a hardy red wine, they will match perfectly.


Last on the list is a wine that without a doubt I would enjoy… Cabernet Sauvignon, and the candy paring could not be more perfect. The only thing that is wrong with it is that the candy in question is Licorice, the one candy I cannot stand. But the big bold flavors of Cabernet go amazing with the savory flavors of Licorice. So if these two are your favorite, then enjoy!




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