Have you ever day dreamed about being swept off your feet by a handsome prince? I know we all have had that very dream once in our lives. Today I am bringing you a real life fairytale story from my favorite author Emma Chase. You should know Emma from her Tangled book series. Well, now she has written a book named Royally Screwed. I will say this. I thought that Drew Evens, from Emma’s Tangled Series, would be my one book boyfriend, but that all changed the moment I met Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembroke, Crowned Prince of Wessco.When Nicholas is ordered to recover his party loving brother from New York City, he dreads the idea.


Having lost both of his parents in a fatal plane crash on the way to New York City when he was young, it’s not his favorite place to visit. But all that changes when he walks into a small family owned coffee shop and meets a brown haired beauty named Olivia Hammond. Now Royal Hotness is used to woman bowing down to him, but that’s not what Olivia does. Oh no. She throws a pie at his face! This was my favorite scene in the book. Olivia is no stranger to heartache, having loss her mother in an accident. She had to take care of her baby sister and her drunk father, while trying to keep the family business from falling apart.

When Nicholas offers her $10,000 dollars or a simple kiss, Olivia wonders if she should take the deal. But when a date turns into more, Nick has to think hard, knowing that he has a duty to his kingdom to marry and father the future king of Wessco. Against the queens wishes he extends his stay In New York longer than needed. I won’t give away anymore juicy details but I will say Olivia does get the chance to visit her castle fit for a king and queen. But their short lived relationship takes a heartbreaking turn, that leaves Olivia running back to New York alone, with a broken heart.


This true love story will leave you believing in fairytales all over again. Even I can’t believe I am about to say this but Royally Screwed is my new favorite book that Emma Chase has ever written. If you love Emma’s The Legal Briefs Series Book 3, then the funny handsome Brent & Kennedy Mason make an appearance.



I am happy to say that this book and wine pairing has to be the best to date. The reason why is because the wine bottle could not be more perfect. In Royally Screwed Olivia Hammond is a baker who bakes pies. So when I needed a wine I picked Layer Cake’s Cherry Tart Pinot Noir. Why? Because there are pies on the label. I also paired this wine with a small cherry pie for a match made in heaven. The flavors of this wine is blackberry, blueberry, and dark cherry with a hint of spicy toasty oak. Food I would pair with this wine would be lamb kabobs and salmon, and mushroom risotto.


                                 ARE YOU READY TO MEET PRINCE NICHOLAS?


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