Do you like staying home in your PJs listing to music and not having a care in the world? Well today I am going to show you how to have a pamper day at home. I am partnering up with Sutter Home Wines to bring you….”How to have a pamper day in the comfort of your own home.” Now this might be different for everybody but this is how I like to treat myself on a Sunday To me an added bonus would be having it be a rainy day outside giving me no choice but to stay cozy indoors with some comfy PJs, some fluffy socks music and of course some wine.


First on the list is Sutter Home Gerwurztraminer. Now if you like wine that is on the sweeter side, then this wine is for you. When I sampled this wine yesterday I was thinking that this wine would be perfect to enjoy during the hot summer months. I also thought of one food that would pair perfectly with this wine. Passion Fruit Sorbet is my go to pick for this sweet wine, with its flavors of pear and apple melons and the very strong flavor of lychee. It pairs perfectly with the strong flavors of Passion Fruit Sorbet.

Second on the list is another wine for all my sweet wine lovers…It is Sutter Home Moscato. Let me just say this off the bat. This is not my favorite go to wine to enjoy since I am not a sweet wine lover. I know it is shocking, but that’s the truth. But the flavors of this wine I did enjoy. It is perfect wine to enjoy during a spring outdoor BBQ. With its flavors of honey and cantaloupe with a hint of Lemongrass, it pairs airs well with Pad Thai or curry dishes.

Third on the list is a wine that I have never heard of, let alone have tried before. It is Sutter Home Chenin Blanc. It may sound a bit intimidating. But this wine is anything but aggressive. I have to say that I liked this wine. It is different with a strong body and even better flavors. Your taste buds will be happy with flavors of melons, honey apricots and candied melons. Food I would picked with this wine would be ahi tuna tacos or a nice pasta salad.
Last on the list is my favorite because, yep you guessed it, Sutter Home Chardonnay. I have enjoyed this wine many times. It is a good tasting wine for the price but the flavors are the main reason I buy this wine over and over again. With favors of zesty pineapple, lemon cream and vanilla, food pairings for this wine would be cream sauce pastas, and cheeses

.When I receive this shipment of wine I was so thrilled because I have been trying to sample this particular wine for a while. Some of the wines I received were new to me, such as the Chenin Blanc and Gewürztraminer. The two other wines I know very well, the Chardonnay and the Moscato. The reason I chose these wines was because they are affordable and make the perfect pairing for a spa day.


Now these are the things you will need…. comfy PJs, a hair tie (because it doesn’t matter if your hair is messy right?), some calming music ( I love the iPhone App (8 Tracks) you can find lots of music mixes), candles (I would pick a relaxing fall scent), body location to smooth your legs and arms and last, but not least, nail polish ( I picked ESSIE because I love their fall colors such as WICKED AND FOREVER YUMMY). If you are also like me, then put on some Netflix (I am loving watching HAWAII FIVE-O). But don’t forget the wine. Make sure the bottle is chilled, pop the cork, and pour some happiness. A little tip to have your wine stay cooler longer is to freeze some berries and then put them in your wine to chill it instead of using ice which you should never do because that would dilute your white wine.is

Since its official October I took this photo with my new Spooky wine glass. With my favorite Fall favorites.




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