Do you love books that involve a sexy tall dark handsome cocky football player and a sweet loving woman, who start out as strangers, and then fall in love? Then this blog post is for you! I bring you Thousand Yard Bride by Author Nora Flite. It was just a hook up… until it wasn’t. She was supposed to keep him from sleeping with his fans, NOT sleep with him herself.


When publicist Joanne Cook needs a big job to cover rent she finds herself taking care of the wealthy playboy Hunter Daniels Junior. She thinks that this is going to be a walk in the park. Follow Hunter around and make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble. Should be a piece a cake right? Wrong! She soon learns at an after party they both attend that things get out-of-control. Her main motto the entire book was to remain focused, remain professional and do not, under any circumstance, sleep with your client. Well, unfortunately that’s what happens and she and Hunter find out that that one night stand will connect them a lot closer than they ever thought possible. Hunter’s one love his entire life has always been football. It’s everything he’s ever wanted in his life. It doesn’t help that his father is a Hall of Fame Hawk’s Football


Player and he also owns the very team he plays for. Towards the end of the book Hunter has to asked himself.. is a one night stand worth losing your entire career and the one thing you love most in the world? My favorite part of this book was when Hunter finally got the guts to stand up to his over controlling father, who’s only interest is to protect everyone’s image of their family. Does this book have a happy ending?Does Hunter change his part boy ways or the woman he loves? Come on… you know I don’t kiss and tell you’ll just have to read Thousand Yard Bride yourself and find out.



You might be asking why I chosen this wine for a football book.Well the answer is simple. When Joanne Cook meets Hunter Daniels neither of them knew that this business partnership would end up tying them together forever. So when I was picking a wine to pair with this book I knew that this one would be the right one. As you can see this wine is a Chardonnay, which is my go to wine to enjoy on a hot summer day. Okay, let’s be real. You know that this varietal is always the type of wine I drink. With flavors such as ripe Anjou pear with fresh orange blossom with a hint of toasted oak. Food I would pair with this wine would be grilled lemon chicken and light pasta.




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