Do you love drinking wine at home with your dog? No other worries, just you two enjoying some wine? Well not your dog, but you know what I mean. Or bringing wine to the park or just having a lazy day? Well today I bring the wine that is perfect for enjoying with your four-legged friend. There is a saying that I love “You are never drinking alone if you are with your dog”. That is very true. I love spending nights at home watching a movie or reading in bed, cuddling with my dog Shadow, and of course drinking wine.


When Lucky Dogg Winery decided to launch its wine, they had the arduous task of coming up with an appropriate name for the label…then one day Winemaker/President, Brent Melville was on the golf course, and his friend, referring to his ‘lucky’ streak, called him a “lucky dog.” And it all clicked.


He wanted to share the good karma of his grapes with others, through the resulting wines that he produced.The “Lucky Dogg” name does, however, have more than one derivation – in 2014, Brent’s family adopted a rescued White Shepherd, aptly named “Lucky.” Lucky was one of the driving forces behind Brent’s inspiration for the new Lucky Dogg Solvang tasting room, which is decidedly dog-friendly.


Now on to the wine.I sampled two wines from Lucky Dog Winery. The first one was their Hair of the Dog 2014 Reserve Syrah. This is a special wine, due to the fact that it’s only for club members and only 50 cases are produced. With flavors of chocolate and a hint of clove with a hint of tobacco and oak. Food I would pair with this wine would be porcini mushroom risotto, grilled steaks, sticky barbecued ribs, and blue cheeses.


Second on the list is my favorite. Now when I tried this wine I loved the deep golden color of this Chardonnay. Lucky Dogg Winery’s Lucky Cougar 2015 Chardonnay is a perfect white wine to enjoy during these hot months. With flavors of apple, citrus and toasty vanilla and lemongrass. Food I would pair with this wine would be seafood or poultry, cream sauce pastas, and cheeses.


So how about a night in with your dog tonight?


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