Last Thursday I celebrated my 29th birthday with my parents at a new Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in South Beach that I am going to tell you about today. The restaurant is called Byblos. What I loved about this restaurant is that it is divided into two parts. When you walk in there is a bright and colorful dining area for your enjoyment, or if you’re drawn to the dark side there is a dining room that is dimly lit and has a huge bar as the main attraction. I personally chose to sit in the back and I was not disappointed by the amazing outstanding service and the very different modern and colorful decor.


Now since it was my birthday I indulged in two drinks. Of course I started off with a glass of Prosecco from Casa Vinicola Zonin, followed by a glass of Jean L Columbo Rose 2012. This rose definitely did not disappoint, with the refreshing aromas of strawberries, lemon and a hint of rose petals. What made this night even better than dining at this very amazing restaurant, is that my best friend surprised me and came all the way from Austria. It made this dining experience 10 times better and the servers were outstanding. When you go to this restaurant by sure to ask to be served by the amazing waiter Arturo. He was outstanding. I will be going back to Byblos to enjoy their happy hour, which is from 6:00 pm -7:00 pm.

Thank you Byblos for making my birthday amazing!


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