How would you like to enjoy of wine that will cool you off during the scorching summer months, while enjoying a little bit of history that dates back all the way to the 80s?


Today I’m bringing you two wines; a Chardonnay and a Pinot Grigio that are sure to quench your thirst and let you enjoy the simple  things in life, like having conversations with your friends and family while enjoying an amazing bottle of white wine from Australia. The company is none other than Lindeman’s. Today, the Lindeman’s portfolio includes the iconic Lindeman’s Bin Series, the Gentleman’s Collection, Cawarra as well as regionally distinct wines from the Hunter Valley and Coonawarra. The innovative, lighter in alcohol and calorie range Lindeman’s Early Harvest and zero-alcohol range Maiden Press are also important ranges in the Lindeman’s family. Lindeman’s wines are designed to be opened and enjoyed with generosity, as well as inspire connections with friends and family.


Now On to the Wine

First on the list is a wine that will make you want to pack your bags and head straight to the beach. I will say that I enjoyed this wine after a long day by the pool. The temp was up to the 90’s and this wine was perfect to cool me down. With flavors of white peach, melon, citrus, and tropical fruits this Pinot Grigio crispness primes the palate for food such as seafood, cheeses, and spicy Latin food. Last on the list is my favorite Lindeman. Now I don’t have to say it, but you know that I am a sucker for a good Chardonnay. This one is on my new top list for wine that you can enjoy no matter what day, season or weather. Another great thing about Lindeman is that their wines are under $5.00. Doesn’t that make you happy? With flavors of green apple and pear with vanilla and oak. Food pairings I would match this wine with would be seafood or poultry, or pork chops.




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