So this blog post is for all the women who are pregnant who wish they could indulge in one glass of wine. Well that is exactly what I am bringing you today. A champagne that you can drink while you’re pregnant because…. here’s the kicker, it has no alcohol. Now you can probably tell that I don’t have kids and I am not pregnant, so why bother. I received this bottle last week and I knew immediately that this was the perfect post for pregnant ladies.
So sit back, put your feet up, grab a glass and get ready to enjoy the pleasures of drinking champagne and not having to worry about harming your unborn child.


“If you choose not to drink alcohol, there’s a deliciously sophisticated alternative to ho-hum soft drinks.”

Now I’m not even sure if any pregnant woman will even read this post, but I do know one thing; a lot of my friends wish they could have just one drink while they are pregnant. But we all know that is not possible. So that is why I am bringing you this blog post. A few nights ago I had my very good friend over for dinner. Both of us were not feeling 100% that night, so we didn’t want to have any real wine. I know… shocking right?


So I opened this bottle of FRE BRUT. It paired perfect with the creamy veggie pasta I made for dinner. Want to know a secret? If you tried this drink you would never know that it didn’t have any alcohol content. Well, maybe you would after a few glasses. The flavor profile of this wine is apple and strawberry with a hint of melon. Food I would pair with this wine would be pasta, sushi, or fried chicken.




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