It’s true when people say that things pair well together. I can’t think of a

better parting than a bottle of chilled white wine while enjoying Shark Week.

That is exactly what I am bringing you today, a nice bottle of white wine for

the summer from Napa Cellars in California. But why am I pairing this bog

post with shark week? Well, if you don’t know, great white sharks which

happens to be my favorite type of shark, do visit California often. So sit back

and grab a glass and get ready to sink your teeth into shark week.


Now I can speak for a lot of women and even some men when I say that

Shark Week would not be as enjoyable if you didn’t have a bottle of white wine

to enjoy while watching it. That Is why I am bringing you Napa Cellars 2013

Sauvignon Blanc. On the second night of shark week I wanted to enjoy a glass or two

of a good cold glass of white wine. So I took this wine out of the fridge and it was

the perfect wine to enjoy on that hot summer night. The Flavors of this wine are pine-

apple, white nectarine, sweet spring grass, jasmine, guava and hints of lemongrass.

Food I would pair with this wine would be crab cakes and spicy salmon tacos.



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