This Sunday marks the beginning of my favorite week of TV. Yes, you

guessed it; SHARK WEEK 2016 has officially started. That means that

starting on Sunday I will be enjoying a lot of white wine instead of coffee

this whole weekend and next week. I worked very hard to get some

amazing white wines sent to me for this special blog post to kick off

Shark Week. So sit back and get ready to take a bite out of summer.


A little known fact about me that I thought I would include in this blog

post is that this year I have become a Shark Ambassador for Oceana.

This is a very important cause for me, for one reason. I want to help

end shark finning once and for all. This is a barbaric act that leaves

thousands of sharks defenseless without their fins and then their bodies are

discarded into the ocean like trash. If you would like to help end this act,

please go to Oceana to sigh the pledged and become a Shark Ambassador.



This white wine that I picked to kick off Shark Week could not be

more perfect for two reasons. This cool refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is

produced in New Zealand and since my favorite shark to watch makes

this place home, its perfect. The other reason why this wine pairs perfect

for this post is because Matua is known for their namesake. The back

story behind their name is “ Matua means the most senior one, the head of

the family, the leader” I can’t think of a better name then this to pair with

what I think of as the king of the sea; THE GREAT WHITE SHARK.


Now you understand why this wine is the perfect pairing to this post.

Want to know something really cool about this wine? The cork is a

twist top, so that means you don’t have to pack a wine opener in your

beach bag. I know I will be enjoying this wine on the beach this weekend.

At Matua, Sauvignon Blanc is pretty special. That’s because back in 1974,

they produced New Zealand’s very first Sauvignon Blanc. Ten years later

they were making it in Marlborough. Now, Marlborough Sauvy is

world famous for its unique, fresh flavours.For this wine, they’ve chosen grapes from across Marlborough, giving you the best crisp and tropical

flavours Marlborough has to offer, all in one sip. The flavors of this wine

are honeydew melon, grapefruit, and passion fruit. Lively and inviting,

this is a great all-purpose wine that pairs with many different food such as

shellfish, herb-roasted chicken or even better, a BBQ on the beach.




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