Suspenseful Book & Wine

Are you in the mood to read a suspenseful book that has two very

attractive men and a woman in distress who finally finds the courage to take

her life into her own hands? Then this book is definitely for you. Today I

am reviewing Marry Screw Kill by my very good friend Liv Morris.


When Harlow Masters comes home from a night of working one night her

world gets turned upside down when a tragedy happens right in front of her eyes.

It forces her to grow up, but what she doesn’t suspect is that she goes right into

the arms of her doctor. Living with James Elliot isn’t paradise. He ends up

controlling every aspect of Harlow’s life but when James’s nephew Sinclair

comes to visit, will he give her the strength that she has been praying for all

these years? Just when she thought she was safe from all the lies James has

been keeping, she finds the shocking truth is worst then she ever imagined.


What I loved most about this book was that I related to Harlow at the beginning

of the story. She was a hollow shell of the woman who had no strength, but when

you reach the end of this book, she finally finds her strength. She was able to

stand up for herself so I could definitely relate to her harrowing story of heartbreak,

loss and finding her strength to speak up. Now this is a standalone book, which

means there are no books after this one. There is a little bit of a cliffhanger at the

end, but Liv Morris definitely will pull every emotion possible out of your heart.



When it came to picking a wine I knew it had to be special. So, when I got this

wine in a new wine shipment I knew it was perfect for the sole reason of the name.

“Menage a Trois” means in French a romantic relationship involving three people,

So now you see why I picked this wine. I have never reviewed wine from this

winery before but I can insure you I loved this Chardonnay. With flavors of green

apples and ripe pears with a hint of butterscotch. I would pair this wine with food

such as seafood, poultry, pork chops, cream sauce pastas, and cheeses.



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