Are you a person who loves to escape to the beach for a day filled with sand, cool breezes and some much needed sun? Well then this blog post is for you. I put together four wines that are beach worthy. I know some of my friends bring beer to the beach but I prefer wine for two reasons. Wine is healthier for you, and it just tastes better on the beach. I few of these wines you might have seen me review before, a few days ago. One of the wines is brand new, never to be review on my blog before. Plus I think the bottle itself is pretty neat. So grab a beach towel and a glass and get ready to relax on the beach.



First on the list is the wine that is an outcast among all the rest. But, the main reason I love this wine so much is because of its label. I know I said before not to pick a wine just because of its bottling, but this one is the execution. With its see-through bottling and colored fish right on the front, it’s the perfect beach wine. Ceviche Wines, named after the refreshing seafood dish from South America, have been crafted to compliment a variety of food dishes. With flavors of fresh honey-dew melon, grapefruit, and passion fruit with a hint of strawberry. Foods I would pair with this wine would be shellfish, herb-roasted chicken, Caesar salad, and mild cheeses.


Second on the list is for all my Rose lovers Waterstone Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon. I know you’re out there. I myself have started drinking rose. As long as it’s not sweet I enjoy it, and this one I enjoyed very much. Last night I brought this wine over to my friend’s house for a girl’s night. We paired it with different types of sushi and let me tell you it was amazing. With flavors of fresh strawberry, rose and hibiscus with oak. No matter what food you pair this wine you can’t go wrong. But take my word for it, pick fresh sushi.


Third on the list is a wine that I have never tried before. I know that’s shocking, right? Well it’s none other than 2013 Pinto Gris. The minimal contact with oak provides some creamy textures that complement the wine’s bright acidity. With flavors ofrich ripe melons, and summer peaches with a a strong lemon flavor. Food I would pair with this wine would be fresh scallop’s sautéed in butter, topped with fresh herbs.


Last on the list is yet another Waterstone Sauvignon Blanc, but this one is different due to its strong body and flavor profile. This rich, Sauvignon Blanc will take your taste buds on a wild but tropical ride, with firm acidity that complements the wine’s sweet finish. With flavors of strawberry and melon, vanilla and orange. When it comes to food pairing,you can go light or you can do heavy with this wine; such as spicy Asian or Latin cuisine.




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