Are you a dog lover or even better a doggy mom? Well this wine review is for you. I was lucky enough to sample some new wines from a special winery in Santa Barbara California. I knew the second I opened the box that I was in for a treat. Now only were the wines amazing but the names could not be more cute; such as Risqué Chardonnay Honey Badger Late Harvest Viognier .Lucky Dog Winery is owned by Winemaker/President, Brent Melville.


Their farming and winemaking philosophy revolves around the notion that perfect fruit will require little-to-no manipulation in the winemaking process. Their wines are barreled in neutral oak or kept in stainless steel tanks, allowing the essence of the vineyard and the purity of the grapes – and of the wines – to shine. They currently produce about 750 cases, and aim to maintain a boutique winery status with an eventual total of about 1,500 cases.


Now onto the wine.

First on the list is their 2013 Rose of Pinot Noir. I have to confess, this wine shocked me a little with its body and flavor. I’m not really a Rose drinker, but this one I love, manly because it had the body of a red wine, but the flavors and smoothness of a white wine. With flavors of strawberry, ripe raspberries and pepper with a hint of anise. Food I would pair with this wine with would be grilled salmon with a strawberry glaze.


Second on the list is 2014 Chardonnay Risqué. This white wine is now going on the top of my list as one of my favorites. With its strong bold body and powerhouse of flavors you can’t go wrong while enjoying this wine. It’s also perfect to enjoy on those hot summer days outdoors, with flavors such as juicy green apples and ripe pears with a hint of strong oak. Food I would pair with this wine is BBQ chicken with spicy pasta salad.


Last on the list is Lucy Dog’s Winery’s 2014 Oaky Dokey Chardonnay. I love the name of this wine and the flavors as well. If chardonnay had a big daddy, this one would be it without a doubt. Its body structure and flavors are not to be messed with. Flavors such as candied casaba melons, honey drizzled apricots with a hint of spice. Food pairing would be warm Brie, and heirloom tomatoes with sea salt on crispy toast.




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