Yep, you heard me right; summer during our cold dreary months. I know a lot of people who are not as lucky as I am; to not live in always sunny Miami Beach Florida, but live somewhere that is cold, snowy and rainy. Well, I have a fix to your problem. How would you like to travel to a sunny warm beach and enjoy some great white wines? At Discoveries, they love to explore the diverse wine regions up and down the state of California. They travel from Mendocino in the north to Santa Barbara in the south looking for exceptional vineyards that remain unknown to most other wineries.


The character is already in the land – their job is to nurture it. You can taste the presence of each of these amazing sites in every one of their wines. First on the list is their 2014 Pinot Grigio. This wine is perfect to enjoy on a hot humid day outdoors, whether it be by the pool or at the beach. Pale in color, it has fruity aromas of lemon zest, Granny Smith apples, and bananas with a hint of white pepper. With its crisp acidity and citrus finish it pairs perfectly with food like grilled seafood, light salads and roasted chicken.


Second on the list is my favorite their 2016 Chardonnay. To me this wine screams summer in a bottle. It is refreshing and has a strong body with great flavors to back it up. This wine is a blend of 85% Chardonnay 8% Pinot Gris and 7% French Colombard. Flavors of this great wine are yellow apple, fresh pear, and hints of coconut with a hint of oak on the finish. Its soft minerality and lingering acidity makes it perfect to pair with poultry, or pork chops, cream sauce pastas, and cheeses.




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