This is a new blog post I will be featuring on the blog from now on, where I will be blogging about my weekend drinking adventures. Because we all know that most of our drinking takes place on the weekends, right? The moment that clock strikes 5 o’clock on Friday night, we all grab the nearness glass to toast to the weekend. But if you’re like me you don’t wait until 5 o’clock. As long as all my work is finished, I enjoy a nice cold glass of white wine.


Mostly Fridays for me are writing days where I stay home In my comfy pj’s and set up shop in my living room. With my music playing I relax for a cozy day or writing my amazing book. When I do start writing it’s about 2 p.m., after all my chores are done and my dog Shadows has spent a few hours at the dog park So it’s the perfect time to pour the first of many glasses to help me write. You will always see me drinking white wine instead of red wine when I write during the day. Why, you may ask? Well first off its hot as hell here in Florida. And red wine for me should be drunken during night time when the weather cools down a little bit.


Believe it or not, wine was not the only thing I drank this weekend. On Saturday I was at my parents’ house catching up. I saw in my mother’s refrigerator that she had frozen margarita mix, so I blended it up and enjoyed it among the palm trees. There is nothing like a cold frozen drink to cool you off on a hot day in Florida.


Saturday night I and my parents went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner in the city. If you have not been to Yardhouse, you are missing out on healthy delicious food and amazing drinks. I seem to be a creature of habit because I always order the exact same thing every time. I order a refreshing glass of PROTOCOLO rosé, from Spain. This wine went amazing my SPICY TUNA ROLL made with seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber, and wasabi soy sauce.


So there you go my full recap of my weekend. I would love to hear your stories also!


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