White Wine & History

How would you like to travel to Napa without leaving your home? That’s exactly what I am doing today letting you experience one of wine making most popular regains. What’s even better about this review is that I get to show you a new Chardonnay that I tried the other night. So grab a glass and relax and get transported to Napa Valley, California. The winey in question is none other than Franciscan Estate in the heart of Napa Valley. If you have ever been lucky enough to visit their estates to witness the beauty, then you will know why this winery has been known as “heaven on earth”, with its picturesque landscapes and long history. But I warm you once you visit, you might never want to leave!

Franciscan 2

As you all know I have done many wine reviews over the past two years but when I was researching this winery I fell in love with the history. For over 35 years there has been a select group of winemakers in the Napa Valley who have been pioneering the craft of fine winemaking. One of the founding members of this lineage established pristine vineyards in Oakville, and focused on the meticulous principles of small-lot winemaking and his unwavering pursuit to capture the supreme expression of the land. Franciscan Estate was established in 1973 and began producing wines of true character from their Oakville estate in 1975. At Franciscan Estate, they only use grapes of the highest quality worthy to bear the Franciscan Estate crest. They strive to create wines of the highest character and excellence in every vintage. This is what devotion to wines of true character is all about. It is in every bottle and embodied in their crest, that has been a sign of excellence on their wines for over twenty years.


Now Onto the Wine

So I can say with all honesty that this Chardonnay is on my list of one of the best wines I have ever true tried. With its packed flavor profile and strong structure it’s the perfect wine to enjoy during the hot summer months or in the cold winter. The flavors in question are pear and vanilla bean, toasted hazelnuts and Meyer lemon curd, followed a hint of oak. But what I loved most about this Chardonnay is that on the tip of your tongue you get a little bit of spice. Food I would pair with this wine would be mild cheeses, fresh fruit, or freshly baked rhubarb pie.




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