Let’s be honest with each other for a minute. What could be better than getting cozy at home after a long day and opening a bottle of wine? I mean I do love going out for dinner or drinks but my favorite thing to do is to drink wine in the comfort of my own home. Today I am bringing you into my home to review a white wine that I enjoyed the other night. You all know by now that my all-time favorite wine to enjoy is a Chardonnay. It’s a rich smooth golden color wine that is perfect for any occasion.


This wine is no different, but there is one thing that I loved about this one. The diverse flavors that fill this wine will wake up your taste buds. With a powerhouse of tropical fruit with green apple vanilla and pear, ripe pineapple, and orange blossom. On the nose you have scents of strong spicy oak along with grapefruit. Food I would pair with this wine would be a mouthwatering dish of pasta with shrimp and Meyer Lemon.


No matter how you decide to enjoy this great Chardonnay, make sure you enjoy it while being cozy!


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