Dangerous Men & Red Wine

I have a confession to make this is my very first Maya Banks book I have ever read. I was excited to get to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the first in a new series and is centered on Drake Donovan and Evangeline Hawthorn. These two characters are polar opposites but totally right for each other.


Drake is one of a group of “brothers.” These men are very much alpha males that have seen and done things that would scare most normal people. They all have their secrets and live in a world that doesn’t always work within the laws of the land. Even with these characteristics, all of them have a softer, caring side that they don’t seem to normally show to anyone, yet they do to Evangeline. Drake finds himself feeling things that he had closed off years prior.


Evangeline is the very epitome of an innocent young lady that cares much more for others than herself. She is finds herself in Drake’s world; a world that is totally different from everything she has ever known. Her feelings for Drake are important enough to her to give up her independence to be a part of his life. The entire time, she doubts that Drake could care for someone like her.


The story of these two attempting to make their relationship work is very emotional at times. It is very hot as is typical with Ms. Banks books. Just as you think all is well, you are hit with a cliffhanger that will have you shaking your head. I really enjoyed this book and the story. I very much enjoyed the characters and am now anxiously awaiting the next book to get a resolution to the cliffhanger and this couple. I am also very interested in reading the stories of Drake’s “brothers.” 5 Stars for this one.

Now onto the wine

When I was picking out a wine to pair with this book I knew it had to be a big bold red wine. So I picked an old favorite from one of my favorite wineries, Naked Winery in Hood River Oregon. The wine is none other than their 2013 Role Play Red Wine. The flavors alone of this wine will make your taste buds do the happy dance. Aged in both French and American oak barrels, this smooth and soft fruity dark red wine has notes of cherry and black current. The flavors of this wine are black cherry an ripe red plum with a hint of chocolate. Food I would pair with this wine with would be braised lamb shanks with mint and a wild rice pilaf.



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