Lawyers, Mobsters and Sexy Steamy Nights

Lawyers, Mobsters and sexy steamy nights could only mean one thing. Another book review. I have to be honest. This is a bittersweet book review because it is officially the last book to Emma Chases’ Legal Brief Series. I was honored to get her last book Appealed early, to read and review. I am happy to say that once again Emma did not disappoint. I fell in love with her story, but the story is a little bit different from her crazy comedic books.


When Bret Michaels wakes up one morning he realizes that the day is not going to be as normal as he though. Being a Defense Attorney in New York City doesn’t always come easy. When he attends a family get together he realizes that the one person that he is been searching for his whole life, is the one woman who’s going to drop him on his ass, literally. Both in court and the bedroom what I did love most about Brent is that he is very stubborn. He never let the loss of his leg in a childhood accident affect his ability to lead a fulfilling life.When Kennedy Randolph comes up to him at the party, he realizes that the case he’s been working hard on is about to get a little bit tricky; because she is the Federal Prosecutor on his case that he is trying to win. There are gangsters and a horrible and traumatic accident that will leave you breathless. I loved when I read a book that brings out all the emotion in you and this one did just that.


Now onto the wine.

When it came to finding a wine to pair with this book, I knew it had to be especially manly, because this is what I think the last book in Emma Chases Legal Brief Series is. I was shopping at Target yesterday and came across this wine called Handsome Devil Cabernet Sauvignon. The name matches the main male character’s antics perfectly. Why you may ask? Well he’s kind of a jerk to the female character Kennedy. With its full body and balanced style, low acidity makes it an easy drinking wine. With flavors of enticing cherry and vanilla aromas lead to wild berry, black cherry with a hint of toasted vanilla. Food I would pair with this wine with would be cheddar cheeseburgers or garlicky roast chicken.




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