It’s that time of year again where I write up my last wine review of the year, and boy do I have one for you today. I just have one question or you? Do you like wine tastings at the comfort of your own home? Well today I am bringing you a very special wine post. I recently found out about a company where you can order wine online and have it shipped right to you. You can pick which varietal you would like in your shipment and also get an amazing price for it too. Located in Napa Valley since 1991, their family of brands form Wine Tastings Network, one of Americans leading direct markers of wine online. In addition to sourcing wines from local wineries, their excursive wines come from around the world. Just think about it. You will never have to go to the store and walk down a long alley, to pick out a good bottle of wine out of hundreds in the grocery store ever again. Just sit back in the comfort of your own home and relax with a glass of wine. I myself love this idea, mainly because I love having packages delivered to my door.


Now onto the wine.

The first wine on my list is a nice smooth Hamilton Estates 2013 Merlot. If you are a die hard Merlot drinker then you will love this wine. This particular wine is exclusive to Wine and has been their #1 seller for over 20 years and become a name synonymous with quality and value. With its bright radiant garnet color and smooth easy drinking body with very low acidity, it makes it perfect to enjoy during either cold or summer months. With flavors of bright red cherries and berries supported by sweet spice and spring blossoms, mostly violets. Red cherry, red plum, and red raspberry flavors precede baking spice and cocoa. Food I would pair with this wine would be hearty red-sauce pasta dishes, grilled meats, burgers, and maple-bacon Brussels sprouts.


Second on the list is Mira Luna 2013 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Now trust me when I tell you that after you drink this Pinot Noir you will be begging to order more.I loved how easy drinking it was. It’s no secret that Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine region is known for world-class Pinot Noir. So, when Wine Tasting Network set out to produce a Pinot Noir for their Mira Luna label, they knew exactly where to sourcethe fruit. With flavors of warm baking spices, red berries strawberry and rhubarb fruit. I would pair this great wine with lamb, duck, game and stews.


Third on my list is wine to review is none other than a nice big bold Clarim 2010 Rutherford Cabernet. If you have read my blog from the beginning then you already know I am a huge Cabernet lover. Let me tell you this one did not disappoint with its bold body and powerhouse of flavor, it’s sure to awaken your inner carnivore. With flavors of dried cherry, baking spices, blackberry and spicy black pepper. Food pairing would be grilled chicken, barbecue, pizza, pastas, and burgers.


Last on my list is my favorite out of all the wines Vin Roc 2012 Chardonnay. Man did this wine surprises me. In a good way that is. Now I have tried and sampled hundreds of Chardonnays, but I have never tried one as buttery as this one. It has very little acidity which makes it easy drinking and can pair with a wide range of food. Handcrafted in the style of the white wines of Burgundy, embracing the richness of Chardonnay, allowing the character of the fruit to shine without being overpowered by heavy oak. With flavors ofwhite peach, melon, citrus, and tropical fruits with a hint of butter. Food pairings for this wine would be seafood or poultry, veal or pork chops, cream sauce pastas, and cheeses.




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