Would you forgive the love of your life for walking out on you when you were about to ask them the most important question of your life? Now let me ask you this. Would you be able to forgive them if all they left was a two sentence note, and you didn’t hear from them for thirteen years?


That is just the first chapter in an amazing book that I finished that I am deeply in love with. What book is this? It is none other than “Torn” by S Nelson. If you remember my very emotional review I did for her last book, Stolen Fate, then you remembered Eli Warner. Well this book follows his story of forgiveness. When he was just a teenager he thought his whole life was planned out. He would marry the love of his life, settle down, and have six kids. But that dream was shattered when he returned home one day and found out that the woman that he was in love with wasn’t really who he thought she was. Fast-forward thirteen years and he comes face-to-face with his one true love, or so he thought.  When Kalista Ellington returns home after thirteen years she is petrified of running into Eli, but a very, let’s just say, unfortunate encounter forces her to face her past. But little does he know that she’s been keeping a humongous secret from him. Just when they think that they are ready to rekindle their past a very dangerous situation forces them to take notice of what is very precious and to leave the past in the past. I can tell you this book has a very happy ending.


Now onto the wine.

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it. When it came to find a wine for this review, I had no idea what to pair with this amazing book. I checked Publix, Target and last, but not least, Total Wine. After hours of searching I finally found Grand Passione Rosso, from Italy. I know this is not my usual wine that I would pick up, but it serves a purpose. For those of you who don’t speak or understand Italian Grand Passione means “great passion” which is exactly what Torn is all about. This wine is a full bodied rich red wine with its rich, deeply-colored blend of Merlot (60%) and 40% Corvina and intense red-purple color. it is a perfect wine to enjoy either in the summer or on those cold winter months. With flavors of dark cherry, black currant, prune, raisin, and dark chocolate. Food I would pair with this wine with would be roasts, stews, steaks, or game dishes. Try it with hard cheeses and crustini or liver pate.




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