Warm Up This Holiday

We all know that the Fall and Winter months are meant to enjoy red wine instead of white wine, right? Well that’s exactly what I am bringing you today. I have two red wines that I know you will love. When I got these wines I realized that the name was perfect for this post. The name is none other than Sabastiani which just so happens to be the name of one of my characters in my new book series. Now before you ask, no, I will not be reviewing these wines with my latest book. I have different wines that I will be reviewing together.


Now, let’s get onto the wine review. The history of this winery dates back all the way to 1895 by founder and winemaker Samuele Sebastiani. The winery was the only one in Sonoma County to continue operations through Prohibition, making a small amount of sacramental and medicinal wines. It has been joked, and perhaps with some grain of truth, that during this time there was a resurgence of people becoming very religious. Samuele believed in hard work and asked the same of everyone at the winery. At the same time, he was a strong supporter of the land and the people of Sonoma. When the combination of Prohibition and the Depression hit hard, Samuele initiated major projects at the winery to create employment for his neighbors. When there wasn’t sufficient work at the winery, he built around the plaza and constructed a skating rink, motel, and theater and meeting hall at the Catholic Church. To keep people employed at the winery, Samuele began canning peaches, pears and nectarines.


Now Onto the Wine

I had to start with my favorite red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, mainly because I can’t think of a better wine to warm you up in the upcoming winter months. This Cabernet in particular is sure to wake up your taste buds. With flavors of black fruits, coconut and a vanilla finish due to their oak barrel aging. On the nose you get the scents of blackberry oak and cinnamon. I would pair this wine with food such as BBQ Steak or spiced chicken wings.


Wine number two is for all the Pinot Noir wine lovers. Now I have to confess I brought both of these wines to my family thanksgiving dinner. I knew that once I put these wines on the table they would not last and I was right. You should also know that when it comes to red wine, I always gravitate towards either Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. So I have to say I loved this wine. With flavors of spice and dark chocolate and vanilla mocha and maraschino cherry. With its light tannins, it’s a very food friendly wine with a wide range of food, such as your favorite




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