Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is a time when we all get together with our families and friends and gorge ourselves on food and wine. Now, there are a lot of wine drinkers that will tell you what kind of wine to drink. I am here to make it simple for you with only two types of wine to pop open. With so many different types of food that we enjoy on Thanksgiving, it is sometimes hard to pair wines.


You are probably wondering what wines are the best to enjoy on Thanksgiving. Two words; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. So today that’s exactly what I am reviewing. Well, it’s not really a review. I’m going to give you advice on what wines I think you should enjoy with some mouthwatering Thanksgiving food.

Wine at Thanksgiving

First on the list is a Chardonnay I sampled as a review product. This being an Italian wine I know it is not the normal type of white wines you would enjoy, but trust me you will love it.It’s Ambo Giallo Chardonnay Friuli Grave D.O.C. With its strong well-structured flavors such as banana and ripe apples with a hint of green apple to give it a nice tart kick. I would pair this wine with Thanksgiving food and also fish, shellfish and vegetable-based purées and sauces. Whichever Food you decide to pair this wine with, you can’t go wrong!


Second on the list if for my Pinot Noir lovers. When I was looking for a wine to pair for this blog post. I have to admit I didn’t know which one to pick, until I saw a wine that I remembered I loved. Also the name is perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s none other than Layer Cakes Cherry Tart Pinot Noir. But I do have sad news for you all. This wine is so rare that I couldn’t even find tastings notes for it. The balance between this wine’s flavors and structured body is one that will pair well with any food you pair it with. With flavors such as of savory herbs, licorice, mint, plums and black cherries. Layered flavors of dark berries, ripe plums and big juicy black cherries. Like I said, if you are looking for an amazing red wine to drink on Thanksgiving, this one is it. Food I would pair with this Pinot Noir with would be juicy meats and rich fish.

Cherry Tart Pinot Noir 2012 in cherries



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