My New Favorite Store

Last week my new favorite store opened up right in my area. What is
this store? Come on what kind of store would get me all happy like this.
It’s Total Wine!!!


I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening and to meet all of the amazing
staff who were very helpful. What I loved most is that when you walk in, it
was the best slight ever. A whole section of Chardonnay wine!! I mean for a
woman who loves that wine I was so happy, and it was easy to find.


But remember Total Wine doesn’t just cater to wine lovers. It also has
a wide range of beer and liquor, such as scotch whiskey and my favorite;
bourbon. They also have lots of wine accessories. One such accessory
was a high heel wine holder, as you can see pictured below.


So I do need to confess something. I might have gone a little over-
board with buying wine over the past week. In the photo below you can
see the wines that I bought; some are red wine and some are white wines.

Whichever you buy, it’s a total win, win at Total Wines!


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