Halloween Wine

With Halloween just around the corner I am so excited to be switching gears
From reviewing white wines for the summer to getting into my big bold red wines for the fall. So sit back, put on some spooky music and grab a glass.


The other night I decided to grab my new book I was reading and a bottle of red wine. The weather was perfect; a nice breeze was blowing; and it definitely had that October spooky feel, which is my favorite time to enjoy a nice glass of wine. I know you must be shocked to hear that
I am drinking red wine. They’re not only red, they are Cabernet Sauvignons, which is my favorite type of red wine to enjoy.


The wine I enjoyed on that spooky October night was Kuleto Estate Native Sun Red Wine from Napa County. Not only was this wine delicious, but the wine label just screamed Halloween. But don’t let the label fool you. This was an amazing wine to enjoy outdoors on a chilly night.

With a nice bold body and smooth structure it’s not your average red wine. With flavors of dark berry fruit and a hint of black currant with a hint of tobacco. I would pair this wine with a wide range of food such as four cheese rigatoni with hot Italian sausage and blackened prime rib covered with butter sautéed mushrooms accompanied by sassy salsa music.

Grab A Glass & Get Ready To Get Scared!


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