Kidnapping & Red Wine

I want you to imagine something for a minute. You are kidnapped from your home by
A man you met twice in your life. Then you are brought to a strange house and held
Captive for weeks. Doesn’t sound like something you would want happened to you, is it? Well that is just the first few chapters in the amazing book that I finished last night. It’s called “Stolen Fate”, by S. Nelson. This was my 5th novel of hers that I read this month.
You know the saying; “never judge a book by its cover”. Well, I didn’t understand
What the cover meant until I finished this book. I am going to give you a very short summary, because trust me when I say, it’s better to go in completely blind. I would definitely say that I and S. Nelson are good friends now, because all through this book we chatted on Facebook. I needed to know the answer of what was happening


A young pretty woman named Essie Horton is looking for a good pay day. So she
Decides to put a bad boy Drayden Warner in her sites. They meet in a bar and well I think you can figure out what happens from there, Lol!. But her payday doesn’t go as planned when Drayden figures out what her plan is. An unplanned pregnancy causes her to be kidnapped from her home and held hostage in his home till she gives birth. Tension rises from Essie from being captive in a room for weeks on end. Now I’ve never been pregnant, but I can only image what those hormones will do your body.
When they start to accept the fact that they’re going to be parents, tragedy strikes that shatters both of their lives to the core. This is the part of the book where I thought that
the characters wouldn’t make it through this tragedy. They both have dark pasts that
find them when their lives are just getting to where they start to feel happy.
But S. Nelson is a genius when she’s writing, and trust me when I say that this book
has an amazing happy ever after ending. There is love loss tragedy, steamy sex
scenes, and of course parts where you will be holding your breath.


Now onto the wine.

The wine that I paired with this book was an easy pick for me, because
When I was looking in my wine racks I saw this wine and it was perfect. Vigilance Winery 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that just resonates with the character, Drayden Warner. He is very vigilant with Essie throughout this whole book. Now this wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, which is my favorite red wine to drink. The flavors of this wine are black cherry and ripe current; earthy, with hints of coffee bean and tobacco. Silky and lush with excellent layers, richness and a long, satisfying finish. I would pair this wine with food such as spaghetti carbonara or meat lasagna.



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