Fire and Chardonnay

I know that fire and wines don’t really go together, but humor me for a minute. I am so excited to bring you this wine post, mostly because of the back story of this amazing winery. I know you’re wondering how this company came up with the name Incendium


Well, the answer is simple. Founder Vincent Kalny, once an Air Force Veteran, wanted to venture into the world of winemaking. His passion for science and chemistry in the world famous wine making capital of the world lead him to pursue an education in the art of winemaking and working for a local winery. With his involvement
In the wine industry in Napa and working for Cal Fire, it has inspired him to step out, produce and bring to you Incendium Wines. He wanted to honor the firefighting community which is why there is a fire fighter logo on the label.


Now onto the wines.

I am very happy to report that for my Chardonnay lovers this post is for you.

I was able to sample 3 very good white wines and I was impressed with all three. First on the list Incendium Wines 2012 Chardonnay (Carneros, Napa Valley). I tried this wine right out of the fridge on a very hot summer day here in Florida. It is the perfect wine to enjoy and to cool off. With low acidity and smooth body it pairs well with many different food such as grilled salmon or pasta primavera. With its flavors of toasted almonds with hints of pear and sweet apple, it is velvety on the mid palate, well rounded and balanced, finishing on a soft fruit note.

Second on the list Incendium Wines 2012 Chardonnay.It will become your go to wine for seafood. Its pale straw color and smooth balance of flavors are perfect to pair with a seafood feast outdoors. The other night I paired it with pasta with shrimp and let me tell you it was amazing. This wine is50% barrel fermented and aged in French Oak (25% new french oak, medium toast). Its flavors are a mix of slightly toasted almonds with hints of pear and sweet apple. Food pairing are penne pasta with shrimp and grilled salmon with a lemon glaze.

Last on the list is Incendium 2013 Chardonnay (Carneros, Napa Valley), a Chardonnay that stands out from the rest. If you are looking for a wine to enjoy outdoors, maybe on a camping trip, well this wine is for you. With its toasty smooth bold body, this wine can handle any of the elements you put it with. With flavors of oak, leather and vanilla with a touch of spice, you can’t go wrong with pairing this wine with many different types of food. I would pair this wine with red chili Dungeness crab and fresh lobster.


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