Red Roses and Rose Wine

You read the title right. This blog post is for all the Rose wine lovers
And for the women who just love roses.

You’ve seen this company reviewed on my blog before. It’s Chalk Hill Winery in Healdsburg, CA. When I was browsing Facebook about a week ago I saw that Chalk Hill was going to release a new wine. I knew I had to get my hands on this Rose for the summer, so the other night I popped the cork and tried it. I was hoping it wasn’t sweet like most Rose, but this wine tastes and has the body of a bold red Malbec.


Its deep red color paired perfect with my red roses I had left over from the past week, so I decided to pair them together. I love having fresh roses in my home, especially red Roses! The flavors of this wine are strawberry jam and watermelon with hints of baking spices and rose petals making this the perfect elegant wine to enjoy during the summer.
For food pairings it would pair it with fruit salads or barbecue.


So grab a bouquet of red roses and a glass of Rose.


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