Sauvignon Blanc Wine Lovers

This blog post is for the Sauvignon Blanc wine lovers. If this is the one wine you love to enjoy after a stressful day at the office or you just need some liquid sanity, well this blog post is definitely for you.

This Wine is from a company I have reviewed over and over again, but it is One of my favorite Wineries; Layer Cake Winery. This new release definitely holds up to its name. When I found out on Layer Cake’s Facebook page they were going to release another white wine, I knew I had to get a bottle toreview, since their Chardonnay is my all-time favorite wine. And now this one is definitely on my list of seconds.

This wine is perfect for summer. I am not kidding. It is refreshing and crisp and has all the flavors you would enjoy in the summer. With flavors of honeydew melon, grapefruit, and passion fruit aromas. There is also a bit of spice to end your wine journey. This wine is also very food friendly and pairs beautifully with shellfish, herb-roasted chicken, Caesar salad and mild cheeses.

So Grab A Glass & Relax Outdoors This Summer!


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