Court Is In Session & Its Sexy

What happens when a notorious bad boy defense attorney meets his match?
I’ll tell you a lot of drama and a lot of arguing and six very demanding children. Today I am reviewing book 2 of my favorite author Emma Chases Legal Briefs Series Sustained.

I know I said before that I loved her first book Overruled but this one clearly won my heart Jack Baker is definitely the swooniest character yet. I’m more in love with him then Drew Evans from her debut novel Tangled.Emma Chases exact words were when I was ready to read Sustained “So excited for u to read this one – Jake is the sexiest swooniest male character I’ve ever written! (Don’t tell Drew)” She was right I feel deeply head over heels in love with Jake.

This heartwarming story starts off with a pick pocketing little monster when he picks the wrong person Jack Baker a defense attorney in Washington DC to rob. He steals his wallet and it all goes downhill from there but in a good way. When he meets Chelsea McQuaid his world get turned upside down. An unfortunate family accident has left her taking care of her six nieces and nephews and Jeff Baker is in for a few surprises.

When he realizes that the one thing he said he never wanted ends up being one of the best decision his ever made.
This book is filled with love heartache turmoil laughs that will have you laughing your ass off and you will fall deeply in love with Jack Baker in this amazing story just like I did.


Now onto the wine

It was not hard for me to pair a wine with this book so I grab Naked Winery’s 2012
Climax Red Blend out of my wine rack. The name is perfect for the reason
is there is a lot of sexy scenes in this novel.

This red wine blend is a blend of diffeereent types of wine such as Syrah, Barbera, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovse. Is very bold with a full body with flavors of Black cherries current’s and
followed by an elegant smoky clove. Food pairings I would pair with this wine would be prime rib covered with buttered sautéed mushrooms with garlic mashed potatoes and creamed broccoli.

wow wine


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