Power House Of White Wine

Man, do I have an awesome blog post for you all today! I have put together

four great white wines that will for sure satisfy all your cravings for summer.

All these wines I have received from Wine Spoken Here and let me tell you, I have

gotten many sample shipments over the last two year, but this one has to be my

favorite, mostly because this shipment consisted of all white wines.

These wines range from two Sauvignon Blancs to a Pinot Grigio.


So let’s get down to the review and find out more about these amazing wines.

First on the list is Cartlidge & Browne Sauvignon Blanc 2012. This wine was designed

for the sophisticated wine buyer. The wines in the C&B portfolio are well-balanced, tannic

and lightly oaked and low in alcohol. This wine’s flavor consists of refreshing lemongrass

and citrusy green apple. The aroma of white peach greets you upon uncorking this wine.

Try this wine with white fish, shell fish, or oysters. It’s delicate enough not to overpower

light fish such as trout, halibut, sole or bass. Also, it is excellent with cheese and fruits

or alight salad with grilled chicken in a citrus vinaigrette.cartlidge-browne-sauvigon-blanc-north-coast-mainLg

Wine number two is Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio. When I first saw this wine bottle I fell in

love with the label. With a beautiful gold moon on the top and the name Luna Nuda in

blue lettering. Its golden reflections in the glass tell you right away that you are going to

taste a different Pinot Grigio. This is not your standard Pinot Grigio. It has soft lemon and

lime flavors with a little golden apple for good measure. Since this is a refreshing white

wine, it pairs perfectly with food such as fish, sushi, salads, and light tapas.


Third on the list today is a wine to enjoy outdoors while having a picnic, mostly because

it says so right on the bottle. 2013 Kennedy Shah Auntie Meredith’s Picnic Blend is

what summer in a bottle tastes like. With its floral, fruity, lemon zest, followed by crisp

pear and melon flavors. A long finish of crisp acidity laced with mineralogy. With its

complex of blends or many different grapes such as 59.8% Riesling 35.2% Muscat 

5% Gewürztraminer, it makes it very food friendly. I would pair this wine with

grilled salmon with a nice lemon glaze and wild mushroom risotto.




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