Itallan Wine For Summer

What the heck is Rosé week 2015, you might ask? Well, it has to be the best

week for wine lovers. It’s a full week where you get to pull out all your Rosé wines.

I have to admit drinking Rosé wine for me is new. I’ve never really been a fan

of sweet wine, as you know, but the few I tried has surprised me!

So I thought I would pair it with a company that I have reviewed many times before;

Alma wines from Italy. I have both a Rosé and a Pinot Noir to review for you today.


Now onto the wine.

First on the list is Alma Wines’ Ambo Rosé. Remember when I said that sweet

wines are not my favorite wines to drink? Well this one is my new favorite, because

it was not sweet at all, with favors of rose and raspberry and it’s lively with a

fresh acidity. It’s perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day outdoors. I would also

pair this wine with linguini with tuna, salmon, shellfish, or lamb.


Second is for all my red wine drinkers, so when it comes to red wine I normally gravitate towards a good glass of Cabernet or Pinot Noir. So when I was given this bottle of

Alma Wines’ Ambo Pinot Noir to review, I knew I would like it from the very first sip.

I was not disappointed. This wine is a power house when it comes to body and flavor.

With strong flavors such as berry and black cherry and its velvety and smooth finish, it is

perfect to enjoy with many different types of food such as lamb, stuffed pasta, and fish.


Grab a glass and enjoy a little bit of Italy in your own home.


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