French Wine & High Heels

It’s been a while but today I’m reviewing an old classic. It’s Shoe Crazy Wines from California.
When founder and creator, Gwen Hurt, contacted me personally the other day to
review her wines from her new Bordeaux collection, I couldn’t turn it down.
“Announcing our French AOC Grand Vin Collection. The best the Bordeaux
countryside has to offer. Our collection of fruit forward, incredible tasting
varietals will surround your palate with full flavors!!”

B32GjNiCMAAfx1A.jpg large

This collection is perfect for both wine and shoe lovers alike. I mean, what could be
better than trying in shoes while slipping some great French wine?
The three wines that I reviewed were Bordeaux Superieur Cabernet,
Bordeaux Rosé, and Bourdeaux Sauvignon Blanc.


The first one on the list has to be my favorite out of the three. It’s their Bordeaux Rosé.
Shoe Crazy wines is has also developed new product Shoe Crazy “Sweet Harmony” a harmonious hybrid of Grenache Gris and Muscat to bring a scintillating sweet wine with crisp citrus notes!
You should all know about now that I am apprehensive when it comes to drinking sweet wine. But this wine was definitely not sweet. It is smooth, flavorful and definitely refreshing. Perfect for these hot summer nights. With flavors of strawberry melon and green apple with a hint of vanilla on the nose. It also pairs perfect with grilled meats and fish and a fresh pasta salad.


Second on the list is Shoe Crazy wines” Bourdeaux Sauvignon Blanc. This has to be one of
the most refreshing summer worthy wines I have ever tried. From your first sip it just tastes
like summer with its smooth and tasteful palate. With flavors of white flowers and peaches
and watermelon and cedar on the nose. It pairs perfectly with food such as summer salad
or a classic seafood dish such as grilled salmon with a honey glaze.

white 1

Last on the list is for my red wine drinkers. I have to confess I was shocked that I loved
this wine so much, considering I never drink red wine in the summer. But this one packs
a punch with its bold body and flavor structure such as black pepper, spice, oak and an
Intense flavor of licorice and leather. Also if you’re a red meat lover, this wine is for you.
I would pair this wine with a big juicy steak with Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.




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