My Tips On Working From Home

Let’s be honest. Owning your own business and working from home to some sounds like a dream job. You get to stay in your PJs all day. You have unlimited cups of coffee, and you don’t have to run off to the office every day.
But I will be the first to admit it is not as easy and as relaxing as it seems. Yes,
I own two successful businesses, and I do work from home most days, but
I’m going to tell you the truth. It is not as fun as it sounds.


I work from home most days. On Mondays, since I’m still recovering from the weekend and don’t feel like brushing my hair, applying makeup and putting on business attire,
I stay in my PJs, put my hair in a messy bun and work at home. I start Monday around 10 AM. Once I wake up I walk my dog and I make my first cup of hot coffee in my coffee maker.

Then I sit down at my desk and force myself to work from till 1:30pm. After that, I give myself a few hours break to do errands and clean, cook, or whatever. Also I give rewards to myself. I say to myself “Sara, if you get this much work done in this time without stopping or getting distracted, you get a reward.” Come on! Do you even have to ask what the reward is?


At around 5 o’clock I take my dog to the dog park. We get back at 7:30pm.
Mostly then I get to settle down for the night. I pour myself my first glass of white wine and I either cozy up on the couch with my book, or binge watch Netflix.

During the evening I always make a note of the things that need to be done the next day, and then, once the pen hits my desk I am done with work till the next morning. I also love doing my novel writing at night, so even though I am still at my desk it doesn’t feel like work to me. This is also when I have a drink. Now I don’t go overboard. Usually I have one to two glasses of wine.Like Hemmingway said; “write drunk but edit sober” That is so true!


My advice is this. If you are lucky enough to work from home and stay in comfy PJs
all day, set goals for yourself. If you get your work done in this much time, you get this reward. For me my reward is a glass of wine or Netflix. Now, it might not be that for you, but setting goals for yourself and remembering
to not get off schedule, always works for me. So the bottom line is; working from home isn’t always enjoyable or fun,
but setting goals and getting your work done, makes it easier!


If you are lucky enough to live and work from home, congratulations!
If not, use these tips that I have here towards improving your own workspace experience.


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