A Picnic Among The Flowers

Two weeks ago I decided to have a little picnic at my parents’ house. So I grabbed
my dog, and a bottle of wine and I had a picnic. Now I haven’t reviewed this company before,but I’m sure you’re going to find it very delicious. J Baumer Wines brand was born in the Rheingau in the 1950’s and acquired by theRess family in 1957, as an extension of their proprietary Rheingau holdings.


The J. Bäumer wines today are produced locally under contract and with direct oversight by the award winning winemaking team at Balthasar Ress. J.Bäumer stands for quality combined with innovation and excitement, as the lineup includes a Standard Riesling, a Natural Riesling, Pinot Noir, and a Pinot Noir Rosé. and delicious wines, with streamlined yet impactful packaging are the calling cards of the brand; perfect for daily sipping and sharing.

Now you must know by now that I don’t like sweet wines, but this one is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. With flavors such as candied melons and spices and vanilla orange blossom, orange peel, white flower. I would pair this wine with a variety of food such as shrimp kabobs from the BBQ and a fresh spinach salad, or Dungeness crab roasted in garlic.

So grab a glass & soak up the sun!



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