Unique flavors of Italy

Unique flavors of Italy and nice crisp refreshing bottles of white wine and

Pinot Noir, to satisfy your sweet tooth and your carnivore side. 

I know I have reviewed wines from this company before, but I have to

say that these two definitely top the charts of my two favorite wines.

Get ready to travel to Italy without leaving your home.



The first one I tried was Alma Wine’s Arbéta Gavi D.O.C.G. When I took the

first taste of this wine, it was a big surprise. At first sip this wine comes off as a Chardonnay with its pale straw color and flavor profile of pear and citron and

hint of vanilla. It also has bright acidity with a strong texture and a floral finish

of rose petals on the nose. This wine pairs amazingly with seafood pastas,

whole fish and shellfish preparations, such as grilled salmon.


Last on the list is Alma’s Ambo Pinot Noir. If you’re a red wine lover then

you’re going to love this wine. With a strong bold body and powerhouse of

flavors such as blackberry, currents and tobacco, it’s perfect to enjoy during a

hot summer BBQ. It is delicate and fruity on the palate and its smooth body pairs perfectly with young cheeses, lamb, stuffed pasta, and fish, particularly tuna.


So grab a few glasses and cheers!


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