Fresh Flowers and Wine

I have decide to make my wine blog Grapes & Wine a little more personal starting with sharing post and photos that take place around my home.

I love decorating my home with anything I can get my hands on such as flowers lately I have been picking up Lilies and Hydrangeas. I love the smell and the beauty of Lilies and waking up in the morning and having the flowers in full bloom it always makes me have a great day.


I arrange them in many different vases such as show below I have stall glass vases that hold my middle size flowers. I always put these flowers on my coffee table since its low enough that my guess can still see my TV.

My heavier vase hold’s my Lilies which is always on my bedroom vanity the reason I love having it there. Is because it’s in front of my bed I love waking up in the morning and seeing how they have bloomed overnight.

photo.php 11281703_10155646881710596_1396169274_n

And last but not lease

I love having my small vase on my desk it always helps having pretty fresh flowers on my desk to help me work.


Now for the wine part of this blog I almost always pour myself a glass or two or white wine when I am arranging my fresh blooms. You all know I am a big lover of crisp white wine so lately I’ve been pouring Pinto Grigio. To me it’s very relaxing making my new flowers into art by arranging them into the vases.


Every Sunday morning I make sure to visit the local Farmers Market I have grown a close relationship with my local flower stand. I always know I am getting fresh beautiful flowers. I mean is there anything better then starting your day off with a cup of coffee and fresh flowers for the week?


Here are some of my tips to keep your flowers fresher longer
I learned that If you put a teaspoon of bleach into your vase it will kill the bacteria
Always cut your flowers on an angle that will help the bottoms fresher
Change the water every 3 days

So grab a glass and a vase and make your home pretty


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