Woman Pilots & Wine

Women in gorgeous dresses, red lipstick and amazing 1940s hairstyles, and, as

you look up to the skies you see fighter pilots. How this is possible?

Well today I am bringing you three of my favorite things.

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines

I have always thought that in my previous life I lived in the 1940s. I am a huge

lover of 1940s music from Frank Sinatra to Smooth Jazz. So today I bring

you a white wine and red wine that are appropriately called Playtime wine from

the very well-known Shannon Ridge Winery in Lake County, California.

These wines got their name and their labels from pin-up stars that were

prevalent during World War II, and who adorned various military aircraft

as they flew into battle. Those pinups were used as an inspiration to enjoy

life fully and return home safely to their loved ones.


Now onto the wine.

Now when it comes to Red Wine you know I am picky, but this one I definitely enjoyed.

This wine 2012 Playtime Red red wine was smooth, with a powerhouse of flavors perfect to enjoy during a date night. It is a delicious blend of many different wines, such as61% Zinfandel,

20% Grenache, 11% Petite Verdot, and 8% Barbera. With strong flavors of dark

cherries, raspberry, and dark spices with a hint of black pepper on the tongue.

I would pair this wine with baby back ribs, baked beans or pizza.


 Second on the list is my favorite; their 2013 Playtime Blonde Chardonnay. You know I am a sucker for a good Chardonnay and this one definitely goes on the top of the charts.

This wine is creamy and smooth and the flavors just melt in your mouth. It is the perfect wine to sit outdoors with during those hot to mid-summer nights. I enjoyed a glass the other night, while writing my new novel. With its light straw golden tones and gorgeous flavors like apple pear and vanilla and tasty oak with a hint of honeysuckle on the tongue. I would pair this wine with crab cakes or smoked salmon.


So Grab a Glass & Take To The Skies


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