History & Wine

Grab a glass and get ready to dive into a winery that is full of history.

This winery is the famous Chalk Hill Winery in eastern Sonoma.

How about a little wine making history?

On a spring day in 1972, while piloting his plane over the Russian River,

Chalk Hill’s founder, Fred Furth, caught his first view of a natural amphitheatre

carved into the hills of eastern Sonoma. His intuition told him the land had the potential to support a world-class vineyard. A subsequent tour confirmed that the spectacular property indeed had the climate and soils to grow luxury-class wine grapes.

The quest for quality is the basis for all winemaking decisions on the Chalk Hill Estate. The vineyardists coax mother nature to create perfect fruit that, once harvested, is delivered to the winery with only the most delicate touches. In the winery the Winemaker, Steve Nelson, and his dedicated staff gently shepherd the grapes through

the fermentation process to the bottle. With an estate-wide, shared aesthetic, the

process is light-handed, non-invasive, and sustainable, allowing each bottle

to emulate the essence of the vineyard.


Now onto the wine.

When it comes to red wine I have been enjoying Pinot Noir lately. Maybe it’s because this wine is light and full of flavor. So when I sampled Chalk Hill Pinot I was shocked with the flavors. This exciting wine is lush and rich, with vibrant acidity that carries the finish. Aromas include black cherries, framboise, tea and rose petals. Ripe cherries and pomegranate dominate the flavors, along with hints of cocoa and warm spices.

I would pair this wine with baby back ribs, pizza, and baked beans.

My favorite wine is Chardonnay, we all know that. This one is on my list of favorites. This wine is smooth with strong flavors of baked apples, ripe pears, hazelnuts, nutmeg and cream. The oak is well integrated and serves to uplift the fruit. This complex wine has a soft mouth feel. I would drink this wine out doors on a hot spring night by the water. Food pairing for me would be crab cakes with a lemon aioli or grilled salmon.


So grab a drink & dive into history!!


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